amazon review analysis

"Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase" - Spiegel Research Center, 2017

online reputation management

If you have multiple products listed on Amazon, you understand the effort it requires to monitor reviews on all those products individually. Get all your product reviews in one place using Rank Me Online!

Competitive analysis

Monitor competition's product reviews and target the customers posting negative reviews on the competitor's products!

Feature analysis

Get detailed analysis of the reviews to understand what do your customers like and dislike about your brand. Get quick and actionable insights that you can directly implement in your business!

The Review Analyzer shows the main attributes being talked about and the sentiment associated with the same. This analysis can directly be used to promote that features being perceived as positive and work upon features that are not working very well with the audience. 

Review Analyzer rank me online use case

Comparative analysis of features lets brands understand their strengths and weakness against their competitors. This information can then be used to positioning the brand in the industry.

Comparative review analysis rank me online use case

Unstructured Review

Using the band since 9 days and this is my review - Looks beautiful, battery life is good. Lasts about 20 -30 days. Heart rate sensor- Isn't accurate at all. Screen scratches very easily.

Structured Review

Looks - Positive
Battery - Positive
Heart Rate Sensor - Negative
Screen - Negative

Unstructured Review​

Got this during sale for 27K. At this price point one can't ask for more. Picture quality is at par. Some comments have mentioned about sound problem. I don't think so. Sound is pretty good. Total value for money. Delivery was on time.

Structured Review​

Picture Quality - Neutral
Sound - Positive
Price - Positive
Delivery - Positive

Unstructured Review​​

Samsung has done a really good job in the budget segment. Price is really competitive with Samsung Branding. Battery Life is Good. Rear Camera is not that great. But still u get a ultra wide lens at entry level smart phone. Low internal Storage at base model.

Structured Review​​

Price - Positive
Battery - Positive
Rear Camera - Negative
Internal Storage - Negative

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