How to Check Your Daily Mentions​

Check Yesterday’s All Conversations

Select Yesterday’s data in the time picker given on the right-hand top side. 

Summary Page Total mentions web listening features

Total Mentions – Shows all conversations around your keywords on web and social platforms. Hover on the numbers to check how they much the mentions have increased or decreased compared to the last time period. 

Social Media KPIs – Measure the potential reach and engagement on all posts mentioning the brand. Keep track of engagements per post. Hover on the numbers to check how much the reach and engagements have changed compared to the last time period.

Mention Sentiment – Check the tone associated with the conversations around the brand. Compare the number of positive conversations against negative conversation. Hover for more details. 

Summary Page All sources web listening features

Web Platforms Share of Voice – Check the different web platforms where conversations around your brand are happening. See which platform is more important for your brand to establish your authority there. 

Mentions Channel Wise Breakup – Find platforms where maximum chatter about the brand is happening. Figure out the channels which get more positive or negative mentions. Focus on the channels where your audience is more likely to be. 

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