How To Increase Followers With Engagement

“If you want engagement, be engaging. Be conversational. Ask questions. Leave room for your audience to add their voice.”

- Darren Rowse

Engagement is a two-way thing. Listen to what people are saying about your brand, competitors, industry/niche and respond to critiques in a constructive and positive manner. If users have varying opinions, respect them; if they have valid complaints, don’t just acknowledge them, address them. If they are stating a problem, find them a solution or at least assure them that you are on it. Also make sure everyone notices how responsive and generous your brand can be via follow-up posts.

To be honest with you, engagement has great powers bestowed in it. Engaging with your target audience in a constructive and positive way mixed with wittiness and presence of mind i.e taking action at the right place and the right time will definitely earn you followers and increase your follower base that has very high chances of converting into loyal customers.

Here are some examples to help you with more clarity on this!

Some Epic Examples Of Great Engagement

Netflix India

Radhika Apte is an Indian theater and film actress, who is mostly associated with Netflix. She was featured in three shows of Netflix back-to-back which are Lust Stories, Sacred Games and Ghoul.

These started a series of troll by trollers, indicating that she is all over Netflix!

As this particular tweet says- “When you open Netflix these days

Following this tweet. Netflix India replied to the tweet like this.

Whatever the role, Radhika apt hai“, which means whatever may be the role, Radhika is apt for it! 

Framing a witty reply using her surname Apte is just amazing 

Indeed a brilliant reply to the trollers!

As you can see, this particular post received more than 7000 likes and almost 1700 replies to it. 

netflixindia_radhika apte_tweeter
zomato_radhika apte_netflix_tweeter war

As the post got viral, Zomato, an Indian restaurant aggregator and food delivery giant decided to take a dig on it by replying- “And you thought only Radhika is versatile” and highlighting various dishes of paneer(cottage cheese) that they deliver. Indeed a great example of marketing!

To which Netflix India replied as- “Well, she is everywhere“, by creatively pointing out her name from the dishes and striking the word Paneer with Omnipresent.

Well, Netflix India clearly nailed it winning the hearts of many.

This definitely got Netflix India wider reach, visibility and more followers ofcourse!



netflixindia_zomatoindia_tweeter battle

Taco Bell

taco bell_epic tweets_engagement00

Another great example of engagement comes from the popular American fast food chain, Taco Bell. 

Taco Bell, took a dig at Old Spice, another American brand of male grooming products by sarcastically replying to their tweet, which own the heart of twitter, gathering over 800 likes! 

In another instance, Taco Bell, took the opportunity to reply back to one of their Taco lover, giving a human touch to it.

This clearly indicates that Taco Bell values each one of their followers and fans! And when you value your fans, they value you too!

And in this whole process, you end up earning more reach and followers at large.


taco bell_epic tweets_engagement00



The whole scene takes place over Instagram. Recently, aksharpathak a verified Instagram user from India with a follower base of 323k shared this particular post highlighting the “battery drainage” problem in the present day smart phones, in a sarcastic way. The post being highly relatable, received thousands of likes and comments.

OnePlus being a global smartphone brand, most likely is monitoring their brand/competitor’s/industry mentions and promptly replied to to the post in the most humourous way possible, gathering all the likes and attention it needed from aksharpathak‘s audience. In addition to it, OnePlus also highlighted the superiority of their product’s feature, “higher battery backup” in this case. 

Smart marketing, I must say!

oneplus_example of engagement

Now, here comes the most interesting part. The post shared by aksharpathak got quite a reach and grabs the attention of the.realshit.gyan, another Instagram user from India. The account the.realshit.gyan, with a massive follower base of 1.9 million shares the same post as a screenshot along with OnePlus’ comment. The post recived over 16k likes and hundreds of comments. 

OnePlus’s action of replying to aksharpathak‘s post and sharing of the same post by the.realshit.gyan highlighting OnePlus’ reply on it, was a win-win situation for them. 

Firstly, OnePlus got hold of aksharpathak‘s audience by replying on it. Secondly, it got extended visibility and reach when shared by the.realshit.gyan. In this whole process, OnePlus ends up getting a wider visibility among the audience and substantial increase in the number of its followers.

Indeed a great example of capitalizing from user generated content.

From the above examples it can be clearly understood that engagement at the right place and the right time can be of great benefit to your brand. But how will you do that? The answer is simple, by listening and monitoring. Leveraging Rank Me Online’s AI-powered algorithm to meet your monitoring and listening efforts and capitalizing form it.

Keeping this in mind, we at Rank Me Online, came up with something that will encourage engagement. 

Knowing the importance of engagement we have integrated a “Reply” button to all the individual mentions on our dashboard. Using the Reply button you can directly engage with the most valuable mentions of your brand/competitors/niche from the dashboard itself without going to the platform to whom the mention belongs to.

Lets get into detail.

How To Boost Engagement with Rank Me Online?

You Are Just 4 Steps Away From Taking Your Engagement To The Next Level! 

Step #1

rank me online_project creation

Create Project- The project creation process involves 3 simple steps.

  • After Login, comes the first step. You can either start with a website link or a keyword.
  • Add additional keywords that you want to monitor. You can add up to a maximum of 10 keywords.
  • Add the social media accounts that you want to monitor from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. You can add up to a maximum of 15 social media accountsAlso, select your country of choice.

After that click the Finish button.

Step #2


And that’s it!! Your dashboard will be right in front of you, along with the side-bar with various tabs on the left hand side of the dashboard.

dashboard_direct engagement_rankmeonline

From dashboard go to the Project Settings tab at the end of the side-bar, as shown in the image and click on the Sources button.

After, clicking on the Sources button, add the required social media handles that you want to track. 

After adding the required social media handles, click on Access required button.

Step #3


As you click on the Access required button, a new page opens up asking you to authorize Rank Me Online to access the social media account that you want to monitor.

Enter your Username, Password and Sign-In.

Once signed in, you are done.

Step #4

Click on the Mentions tab located in the side-bar and the Mention page will appear right in-front of you. 

Now, that you have granted access, you can see the Reply button on the bottom of each individual mention.

Click on the Reply button and reply to the most valuable mentions related to your brand/competitors/niche, skyrocket your engagement and increase your follower base!

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