Rank Me Analyst

“Increase ROI of your marketing campaigns, Increase Net Promoter Score. Grow Fast and Grow BIG”

The primary problem faced by majority of the companies is the inadequate analytical know-how to make sense of the data collected. We provide a consultant to the brand in rank me analyst plan, to help with market development strategy and improving net promoter score so that brands can develop better relationships with their customers.

  • Market Development Strategy – Our platform can help you in strategic expansion by understanding where the demand for your product will be the highest. Through these insights you can expand into different geographical regions or another target segment.

  • Net Promoter Score – With each customer opinion, by using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we can clearly find out whether that customer is a promoter, passive or a detractor of the brand. We use these insights to find out the Net Brand Score (NBS) which is a clear tracker for the brand for all future product improvements.