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“Use artificial intelligence to mine actionable information from humongous data present online”

Just monitoring online chatter will not help a business get competitive advantage as their competition is monitoring the same content. Businesses need deep analysis to measure the effectiveness of previous decisions taken by the brands and get a complete picture of the present situation. Rank Me Evaluate does exactly that. It provides competitive analysis and helps them in building more focused market campaigns through influencer marketing and content discovery.

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Real Time Notifications

Set up prioritized alerts so that you will be alerted immediately anytime a disgruntled customer posts a bad review or your brand name is associated with negative keywords. Respond to the comment and let your customers know that their concern is bring promptly dealt with.

Attributes Analysis

Understand which features of your product are working well with your customers and which features leave something to be desired. Direct your efforts towards your weaknesses and take advantage of your strengths.

Content marketing | Rank Me Online

Campaign Analysis

Get insights on how well your marketing efforts are being received in the market and also what is the response of your target audience to each message you are putting out there.

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Influencer Marketing

Figure out which influencers would create the most impact among the targeted audience and geographies. We attribute influencers to the campaigns organically helping marketing teams make their campaign more efficient.

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Competitive Analysis

Compare your performance against industry leaders and your immediate competitors. Stay ahead of them by responding to the emerging trends swiftly.

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Custom Reports

Our custom report features lets you generate as many custom reports as you want for different use cases, different campaigns for perusal of different teams, saving you a ton of time!

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