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Review Analyzer is the Rank Me Online proprietary tool which analyzes the qualitative data to find attributes that are being mentioned in the conversation by the audience and the tone associated with those attributes. 

Review analysis makes this information amazingly actionable which otherwise would go to waste as a generic feedback from the customer. These reviews usually represent the sentiments of a much larger population who are having a similar experience with the brands, but not vocalizing their opinions.

Advantages of Rank me online’s Review Analyzer

Get Your Most Popular Mentions

Review Analyzer will show you a true picture of your strengths and weaknesses from the eyes of your customers

Identify Popular Mentions over Time

Track how the performance of your attributes has been improving or deteriorating over time.

Analyze Sentiment Around each Attribute

Understand sentiment behind each attribute for quick action and reduce your turnaround time.

Find Your Strengths against your Competitors

Understand which of your attributes are working better or worse against yoru competitors

Discover Industry Trends

Understand which features in your industry are connecting well with your customers

Get Your Most Popular Features

Rank Me Online’s Review analyzer helps brands understand which of their attributes are working well with their customers and which attributes need to be improved upon. 

This analysis gives brands insight into the customer’s experience with the brand and  helps them in prioritizing the factors that need to be improved. 

Most Talked About LG Features Rank Me Online Review Analyzer
Most Talked About LG Features with Sentiment
Most Talked About LG Features over Time

Identify Popular Features over Time

Track how your brands attributes have performed over time with respect to your customers. Track the top performing attributes. 

Perpetually lagging attributes can create problems for the brand in the long run. 

“Bad reviews are a brilliant way of showing that if something does go wrong you have credibility in how you deal with the issue. It shows you care about the customer” — Marina Cheal, CMO at Reevoo​

Show your customers that you care about them today!

Analyze Sentiment around each Attribute

The tool doesn’t simply identify the positive and negative statements but also categorizes them into business units who can directly take action on the information provided. 

For eg. for a restaurant, feedback related to all the different dishes served like Chicken Tikka etc can be categorized under food and feedback related to the staff and service can be categorized under experience.

Attribute Analysis for each LG Feature

Find your strengths against your competitors

Rank Me Online compares the attributes of competitive brands to understand which brand is perceived better for which attribute by the audience. This clearly shows the areas of improvement for a brand. 

Discover Industry Trends 

Rank Me Online’s Review Analyzer does this analysis at an industry level as well, to understand the attributes trending among the audience of that industry. 

For example, the tool finds out which particular fashion item is trending among the audience right now by understanding the attribute being talked about. If the customers are regularly conversing about shorts or skirts, the tools will identify the topic of the conversation that is trending in those conversations.

Through these conversations, the brands also find out which colors are trending among different clothing types. As you can see in the figure below, Black being the ever popular is on top. After that red is taking precedence over blue. 

review analyzer_feature analysis01_rank me online

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