Campaign Analysis

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Campaign analysis provides info for different stages of your campaign. From research to the effect of the campaign.

The rise of big data has meant that campaigns can now be analyzed in detail, With the results informing future strategy and spend.

Plenty of tools and methods allow you to understand which aspects of your campaign are working, and which are not.


There are some vital areas which define the success of the campaign. The overall motive of the campaign is to increase ROI. For this, You have to ensure your actual audience and the area. Their many campaigns go wrong. To decrease such mistakes Rank Me Online helps you.

What You will get after the Campaign Analysis?

  • Able to understand which aspect of the campaign worked well\ not so well.
  • How the target audience responded to the campaign.
  • Review ultimate effectiveness of the campaign versus objectives.
  • Provide actionable learnings for future campaigns.

What we Serve to improve efficiency?

Making use of Rank Me Online Tool can provide numerous advantages for your business. A rapid ROI offsets the setup costs. However, The benefits that our tech tool offer. The services which enable your company process all help in bridging business activities and sales. That is common, lead management, transport and enhanced communications of leads to sales punctually.

How does Our Tool work?

  • It collects data about your audiences and their interactions on your campaign. We provide actionable which helps to understand the different aspects of the campaign. We also provide reports.
  • Rank Me Online reports are made up of 2 components: Dimensions and Metrics.
  • Dimensions are attributes of your data.
  • Metrics are quantitative measurements of your dimensions.
  • Rank Me Online has a variety of ways you can slice and dice your data. This is one of the most powerful aspects of Artificial intelligence, as you can understand the geographic, demographic, psychographic makeup of the conversation.
  • You can use this Informations to see where your campaigns are having an impact. Using a combination of these methods we can give you a detailed understanding of your campaign, Informing how to repeat the successes and avoid the failures in the next campaign.

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