Social Media Monitoring

“Listen to what people are talking about you and your competitor, drive actionable insights and maximize R.O.I”

What is Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring is the way of keeping an eye on all the talks and chatters that’s been going around your brand name, over various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and driving actionable insights from them to boost your social media presence and performance.

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How is social media monitoring helpful for businesses?

– Better Customer service: Customer service has turned out to be a benchmark when it comes to make a purchase decision by target audience. With the rise in technology, more and more customers resorted to various social media platforms to make complaints, find answers to their problems, and compliment brands on good service, whatever the matter might be customers expect to be heard. A post over social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is much convenient to them rather than reaching out to the call centers and deal with their sluggish response every time, which is quite annoying!

Now, this gives an opportunity to the brand for responding to customers facing a problem with their services or products. With social media monitoring, you can have access to all the mentions of your brand, get the most critical ones and respond to them immediately as people hate to wait. This improves the quality of your customer service and earns you a loyal customer base, who might be your promoters and influencers tomorrow.

– Find New Influencers: More and more brands are moving towards influencer marketing nowadays because influencers are considered to connect on a deeper level with their audience. Their followers relate well with them and value their originality and everyday presence.

Posts by the influencers are seen as authentic and reliable; since they are regarded as masters in their respective niches. And since social media is where most of the influencers and target audience is present, you can make use of social media monitoring to discover the most relevant influencers for your brand on the basis of influence score, reach score and active score, team up with them and maximize your R.O.I.

– Track your Competitors: Social media monitoring is not only limited to your brand, but you can also track your competitors. See what’s working for them and what’s not, learn more about their strategy and customer engagements. You can also see where your competitors are lacking behind, what their customers are complaining about and ultimately take that strategic edge by delivering what your competitors are failed to do. In this way, you will definitely end up converting their customers to yours.

– Improved Content Marketing Strategy: Social media monitoring leads you to content discovery. It facilitates you to discover detailed insights about trending hashtags and buzzwords relating to your niche or industry, which can be well implemented in your content marketing strategy. And above that, you also get to know in detail what people are talking about, what are their questions and then answering them with fresh and unique content.

– Better Customer Insights: Consumer’s feedback, opinions, reviews, suggestions are as precious as a diamond or even more than that I would say. In today’s world consumers are sharing their experiences over their own social media channels, generating a large number of mentions.

Social media monitoring lets you drive insights from all these mentions and facilitates you to hold these insights in your product development process, idea generation, product improvement, ultimately letting you deliver as per the customer needs and wants, maximizing sales and R.O.I.

– Defend your Brand Image: Social media has emerged as an online space where brands and their target audience are most active. Customers prefer to share their feedback, reviews, opinions by mentioning a brand. Well, positive ones are definitely going to motivate you but the negative ones carry a threat of serious brand image crisis. Our social media monitoring tool sends real-time alerts allowing you to respond immediately to the negative comment or review, ultimately aiding you in compensating for any inconvenience caused and assuring the customers that their issues are serious for you and are being taken into account and even convince them that this is the last time they are dealing with such bad experience.

What will you get from Rank Me Online’s Social Media Monitoring tool ?

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-Track your competitors. Know what your target audience actually thinks about your competitor. Decode their strategy, turn their negatives to your opportunities and stay way ahead in the game.

– Get every mention of your brand over various social media platforms in real-time and respond to the ones that matter the most, managing a positive image of your brand, overall impacting the online reputation. In a nutshell, you are monitoring and protecting the online reputation of your brand.

– Get a detailed insight of trending topics, hashtags and buzzwords over various social media platforms and integrate them into your social media marketing strategy, to make the most of it. In a way, you also increase visibility of your brand by associating with trending hashtags and buzzwords of your industry.

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– Get detailed actionable insights on what actually people feel about your brand: With our advanced sentiment analysis, you actually get the quantitative data of statements that are segregated as positive, negative or neutral, showing you the real picture of your brand.

– Run successful campaigns on social media based on detailed insights after getting to know what’s working for you and what isn’t.

– Find out where your target audience is: Our audience analysis feature makes sure that your brand is reaching out to the right audience.


– Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, you can make use of the filters and track down from where all your mentions are coming from or figure out the one which has the most number of mentions segregated as positive, negative and neutral. On this basis, you can reach out and deepen relationships with the ones who spoke positively about your brand and address the ones who are far away from being satisfied. 

– Find out the most relevant influencers for your brand,where are they present and who would create the most influence among the targeted audience relating to definite geography, posts and interests. Get a comprehensive report of the influencer based on influencer score, reach score and active score metrics before selection. Also, you can directly connect with the most relevant influencers just by clicking the “Engage” button.

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