How To "Reply" To Your Mentions

"Responding quickly on social media shows your community that you care and that you take their problems and concerns seriously"

- Anonymous

Dealing with audience on social media can be a terrifying thought for most of the marketers, even the ace ones. One mistake can lead to serious negative impacts to your business. Yet with social listening and monitoring, brands can drive positive brand perception by turning this risk into an opportunity, only by responding to it!

Keeping this in mind, we at Rank Me Online, have integrated a “Reply” button to all the individual mentions on our dashboard. Using the Reply button you can directly engage with the most valuable mentions of your brand/competitors/niche from the dashboard itself without going to the platform to whom the mention belongs to.

Not Just A Mere “Reply” Button!

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Develops Accountability & Trust

The world of social media is quite vigilant and public in nature. Its not just a interaction between the brand and the customer, as everyone is watching! In such a case, when a brand responds with tact and empathy, their audience develops a sense of trust.

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

When a brand responds appropriately over social media with empathy and professionalism, even to the negative comments, this very act of “replying back” is taken as a positive gesture by many, which makes you stand out among the audience.  In return, the audience spreads out the word boosting your marketing efforts by promoting your brand.

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Social Media Engagement | Rank Me Online

Competitors’ Loss, Your Gain!

With social listening and monitoring, you can easily track what your competitor’s and their audience are up-to. Anything negative about your competitor is an golden opportunity for you to capitalize. Just by responding to such comments or mentions, you can assure their customers about how better an option you can be. In this process, you end up converting your competitors’ customers to your own.

All-in-One Platform 

By using the Reply button, you can respond to the most valuable mentions related to your brand, competitors or niche, directly from the dashboard, without the need of logging-in to different social media platforms separately. This will also save you a lot of time, which you can use in something more productive.

Once the access has been given (as shown in step 3), you can respond to all the mentions belonging to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook posts as well as Facebook comments.

respond directly to social media

Respond To Your Most Valuable Mentions In Just 5 Steps! 

Step #1

rank me online_project creation

Create Project- The project creation process involves 3 simple steps.

  • After Login, comes the first step. You can either start with a website link or a keyword.
  • Add additional keywords that you want to monitor. You can add up to a maximum of 10 keywords.
  • Add the social media accounts that you want to monitor from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. You can add up to a maximum of 15 social media accountsAlso, select your country of choice.
After that click the Finish button.

Step #2


Your dashboard will be right in front of you, along with the side-bar with various tabs on the left hand side of the dashboard.

Step #3

dashboard_direct engagement_rankmeonline

From dashboard go to the Project Settings tab at the end of the side-bar, as shown in the image and click on the Sources button.

After, clicking on the Sources button, add the required social media handles that you want to track. 

After adding the required social media handles, click on Access required button.

Step #4


As you click on the Access required button, a new page opens up asking you to authorize Rank Me Online to access the social media account that you want to monitor.

Enter your Username, Password and Sign-In.

Once signed in, you are done.

Step #5

Click on the Mentions tab located in the side-bar and the Mention page will appear right in-front of you. 

Now, that you have granted access, you can see the Reply button on the bottom of each individual mention.

Click on the Reply button and reply to the most valuable mentions related to your brand/competitors/niche, and boost your engagement.

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