70% increase in reach With Rank Me


The aim of increasing the reach, awareness and follower count of our twitter handle organically, came out to be quite fruitful for us with outstanding results.

The following stats are for the month of October 2019 compared to the month of September 2019:

Our impressions increased from 1,94,000 in the month of September 2019 to 3,29,000 in the month of October 2019, which is a 70 % increase in impressions, with just 89 more tweets.

With an increase in impressions, we got a total of 163 profile visits in the month of October 2019, compared to just 99 profile visits in the month of September 2019, which is almost 60 % increase in profile visits.

With an increase in profile visits, we earned 29 new followers in the month of October 2019, compared to 17 new followers in the month of September 2019, which is 70 % increase in the number of new followers.

Our Goal 

Our aim was to create awareness and connect with marketing agencies, marketing specialists and thought leaders worldwide while organically increase the reach and follower count of our own Twitter handle – @RankmeO using Rank Me Online social listening and monitoring tool.

The Challenge

With 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users, Twitter is one of the most significant platforms for businesses and marketers when it comes to social media marketing. But the question is – how will you get at least a pinch of those 330 million active users to engage with your posts, click on your content or even follow you. 

Getting those eyeballs in this highly competitive environment of Twitter is our pain point too.

How We Did It?

The answer is as simple as it may sound i.e we leveraged our own social listening tool to achieve what we did. On a broader sense, there are two main activities that we carried out for the period of a month which subsequently got us the result. These particular activities are:

  • Engagement On Twitter
  • Popular Hashtag Based Posting On Twitter

Engagement on Twitter

If Content is King then Engagement is the Queen”- you must have heard or seen this phrase many times over social media, but yes engagement at the right place and in the right time definitely gives you results, as in the case of ours.

The point here is when you respond to other user’s content or engage with their content, they will most likely reciprocate the same.

Let us go in detail into, how exactly we did it in two simple steps:

Step #1: 

The first thing to do with any social listening tool is to create a project/tracker with your required keywords. Your keywords can be your brand name, competitors or any niche based keywords that you wanted to track.

In our case, we already had a project set up with keywords such as social media marketing, SEO, SMM, digital marketing, content marketing, social media management, media monitoring etc. as you can see in the image.

Step #2:

Once done with setting up your project with required keywords and the data/mentions start showing up, the next step would be the most vital one i.e engaging with your mentions and that too directly from the dashboard. How? Well, you can directly respond and engage with your mentions from the dashboard itself using the in-built Reply button, as we did! 

As highlighted in the image, we started engaging the same way with the most relevant mentions and continued this particular activity for a month. 

The outcome? Well, it is positive. Have a look.

On the process of engaging with the mentions, we came across a post from Scott Hefti, who is a social media specialist and influencer with a huge following of more than 200K followers.

As we engaged with his post, he not only liked our comment but also retweeted the comment, which gave a much wider reach, helping in spreading awareness about our tool.

Now, you know how significant engagement can be for increasing the reach and awareness of your brand, organically. 

Further, engagement not only gets you wider reach but also gets you, followers!

Let me show you how-

As we continued with engaging with tweets from our dashboard, we came across a post from Zinora Media

We engaged with the same and Zinora Media not only replied to our comment but also we earned them as a follower

Trending Hashtags Based Posting

Now, it is a well-known fact that hashtags are quite significant in bringing engagement to your posts. Our tech tool crawls the web and presents you the most trending hashtags and buzzwords from the word cloud, based on your niche. By associating brand’s keywords with the trending keywords and hashtags in the industry would help in making content more relevant to their target audience and increase their presence under the user searches, thereby increasing user engagement.

Let me show you how we did it:

Firstly, as I have already mentioned above that we had a project set-up based on the keywords that we wanted to track.

We then made a set of hashtags which includes- #digitalmarketing, #socialmedia, #socialmediamarketing, #smm, #seo, #contentmarketing etc. from the most trending Twitter hashtags tracked by our platform, as you can see in the image below:

Additionally, our platform also gave us an overall picture of the timewise performance of these hashtags over a specific period of time, giving you exact knowhow on which hashtags are performing better and which are not. This particular chart gave us an insight that the performance of “#seo” was the best for that duration.

Now, as we know which hashtags are performing better and which ones to use while posting. We started posting with those set of hashtags and the results are just magical.

Have a look-

One of our top tweets earned more than 20,000 impressions, 12 likes and 2 retweets. 

20,000 impressions on a single post is a great number, which gave us the reach we didn’t even imagine.

Such is the power of hashtag based posting with the help of social listening.

The Results

The above set of activities we carried out with the aim of increasing the reach, awareness and follower count of our twitter handle organically, came out to be quite fruitful for us with outstanding results.

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