Media Monitoring

“We’re all learning here; the best listeners will end up the smartest.” – Josh Bernoff

What is Media Monitoring?

Media Monitoring is the process to monitor the editorial content of media sources on a continuing basis and then identifying, saving and analyzing content that contains specific keywords or topics. Therefore, the rapid evolution of social network has led to the consumers controlling brands as opposed to marketers.

How Rank Me Online can help you?

  • Our platform gathers huge amount of data from all around the editorial content of multi media sources with the help of specific keywords.
  • Rank Me Online cover both the traditional, as well as digital and social media monitoring.
  • Our tech tool tracks all the mentions talking around your brand deeply. Most importantly, we analyze which media platform is praising or criticizing the brand.
  • On our dashboard you can also short the content by text, images or video so that you can take specific actions.
  • There are many filters for language, author, sentiment, influence, reach so that the brands can understand their audience better.

How brands can use media monitoring?

  • Brands can improve their content delivery by understanding which content follows with their customer.
  • They can prevent crisis or cut it down on response time.
  • Brands can analyse and capitalize trends in your industry before your competitor do it.
  • Maintain, protect and improve online brand reputation.
  • Benchmark your brand against others in your industry.
  • Identify new business opportunities for your brand.