How to setup your tracker

Track the right keywords and hashtags for your brand on Rank Me Online!

Determining which keywords you need to track on a regular can be tricky but it is absolutely crucial for the brand so that no mentions are ever missed. Hashtags are the easiest way to track your mentions on social media. 

Step 1:

name industry and location of the tracker

Project Details – Check basic details about the project and update if required. This section shows the Tracker Name, location, Industry and language. While Tracker Name, Industry and Country are required details, the city and language are optional. Don’t worry if you made a mistake while setting up the tracker. These details can be changed later on as well. 


Important Point – Even though you are selecting a country, the data that is brought onto the platform includes global data which a little emphasis put on the location selected. You can later on filter out the data for a particular location using the filters provided in different pages. 


Step 2: 

Setting up keywords for a tracker

Required Keywords – You can add the keywords you want to track about the brand here. If you add words separated by a space, the platform will search for both words in a mention. For eg. “Nike Shoes” will look for both Nike and Shoes in a single mention.


Step 3:

setting up keywords and hashtag tutorials

Hashtags – To know more about which hashtags are connecting with your audience more, you can add the hashtags you want to track about the brand here. You can add brand related hashtags or campaign hashtags to track how your hashtags have performed over time.


Step 4:

setting up keywords for trackers tutorial not keywords

There are times when you don’t want to see a certain set of mentions on the dashboard. For example:- if you want to track brand Mahindra, you might also see mentions related to Kotak Mahindra Bank. In cases like these, just put Kotak under the Not Search Keywords list and you will see the mentions only related to Mahindra Brand. Yes, its that simple!


Step 5:

setting up keywords personality section tutorial

Personalities – Track mentions of all important personalities associated with the brand. The platform will only pick up mentions where both words appear together. It is always advisable to track the names of your CXOs, brand ambassadors etc to make sure that in case any negative conversation rises up about them, they are handled promptly. 


Step 6:

setting up the trackers adding sources tutorial

Source – Enter the brand handles here to start crawling for all relevant data. The platform will differentiate itself between the mentions posted by the brand and the mentions posted by the audience. This will let you segregate the analysis for your own posts and the content posted by your customers!


Step 7:

setting up tracker additional sources tutorial

Additional Source – List all the websites that you want us to crawl on priority here. You can add links to amazon product listing etc to get all amazon reviews on priority. 


Step 8:

setting up tracker brand owned websites tutorial

Brand Owned Websites – List all the websites owned by the brand here to differentiate between the content posted by the brand and by the audience. 

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