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Rank Me Online Features:

Review Analyser Intelligence Net

Unique to Rank Me Online. RAIN will use her A.I. to discover patterns and knowledge from your mention data.

Customized e-mail alerts

You can customize daily, weekly or monthly reports of your mentions to be sent to you or anyone else

Top Mentioners/Influencers report

Find Influencers of your industry or profiles that mention your brand frequently

Social Media Monitoring

We provide the most comprehensive social monitoring data on the market. But don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself!

Potential Reach

See the potential reach of your posts combined from different media

Full Web monitoring

We go far beyond News & blog monitoring, providing results from virtually any website there is.

Competitor Monitoring

Fully Track your competitors’ mentions

Full Analytics Dashboard

Access mention results, filter them and see graphs and detailed analysis.

Marketing Leads/Topics Monitoring

Use keyword phrases to track topics/posts relevant to your industry.

Mobile App

Use our mobile app to see your mentions on the go.

Share of Voice

Compare your social media and web presence to your competitors in an instant.

#Hashtag Monitoring

Use keyword phrases to track topics/posts relevant to your industry.

Setup & Optimize Consultant

Track any hashtag across Instagram/Twitter and get detailed analytics.

Sentiment Analysis (in every language!)

Every mention is classified as Positive, Negative or Neutral by deep learning A.I. algorithms. What’s more, it works in all languages.

Top Keyword/Hashtags report

Find the most used keywords and hashtags in your brands’ or competitors’ mentions

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