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Getting customer feedback and opinion has always been very important to brands and in today’s digital age, a major chunk of those conversations are happening online. Rank Me Online gathers all the data associated with a brand and extract only the portion that is relevant to the brand. Rank Me Monitor then provides sentiment analysis of the same to help brands under their customer’s opinion.

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Brand Monitoring

Know what your audience is saying about you and your competitors on different platforms like social media platforms, blogs, news articles, review sites etc. Social media monitoring being an integral part of brand monitoring gives you detailed insights about what your audience on different social media platforms actually thinks about your brand.

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Sentiment Analysis

Our sentiment analysis feature lets you understand the emotional tone behind a qualitative statement made by the customer and enables you to access all the statements segregated as positive, negative or neutral on one platform.

Feature Analysis

Get a detailed overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your product or service, by analyzing which features are getting positive feedback from your customers and which features are not doing well and requires improvement.

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Social Media Management

Engage and build long-lasting relationship with your audience by participating in the conversation about your brand and various other topics important for your audience.

Audience Analysis

By making use of Audience analysis, you can discover where your audience is, i.e either they are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, segregate your audience on the basis of their gender and also identify influencers from your audience.

Content Discovery

With our content discovery feature, you get detailed insights about trending hashtags and buzzwords relating to your niche or industry, which can improve your content marketing strategy. This also allows you to discover content that is fascinating and improves click-through rates. The sole motive of content discovery is to increase reader engagement.

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