How to Discover Right Influencers​

Knowing your target customers and understanding who impacts how they evaluate, discover and buy your product (or service) is an integral step in kicking off any influencer effort. Your influencer campaign can’t be all things to all people. An effective strategy requires you to speak to the right people using the right tools (and, in this case, the right influencers).

Step 1:

Create Project – Enter keywords related to the industry for which you require influencers. For eg. If you want to find people who are known for Western Fashion among Women, put keywords like Fashion, Women Fashion, Western Fashion etc.

Step 2:

Select the country, city and industry for which you want to find the influencers.

Step 3:

Confirm the details and there you go!

Step 4:

Brand Advocates – You will find the list of all influencers in the brand advocates link as shown.

Step 4:

Filter them further to shortlist the influencers suited for your campaign from entire pool. You can filter them according to their reach, geography, language, social media platform and much more.

Step 5:

Brand Advocates – Each block represents a profile. The profile could be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube depending upon where the profile has influence. 

Influencers are divided into 4 segments based on their follower count.

Social Profiles – Follower count of the person ranges from 0 to 1000. These are normal social profiles which do not have a lot of influence.

Micro Influencers – Follower count of the person ranges from 1k to 10k. These profiles are of budding influencers who have very well engaged audience. They perform better with brand associations and are pocket friendly.

Macro Influencers – Follower count of the person ranges from 10k to 100k. These profiles have high following and have established a niche for themselves. They need to be properly selected to give value. They are selective and work for barter or paid collaborations.

Celebrities – Follower count of the person is more than 100k. These profiles are visited by all audience alike and can be used for more visibility. They work majorly for paid collaborations

Step 6:

Influence Score – It scores the influence of the person based on true engagement the person gets. While people can buy likes and followers, the number of likes and followers do not represent a true understanding of a person’s social influence. We take comments and shares as the true metric for engagement. It also takes into account the influence of the community of the influencer. If more influential people are liking and commenting on the person’s post, then the genuinity of the person is more and hence the influence


Reach Score – It scores a particular author on the basis of the followers count

Active Score – The score is based on how frequently the author is posting on the social platforms. If the person becomes dormant for a while, the score gradually decreases due to exponential backoff on the last posted dates.

Step 7:

Engage – Click on Engage to directly view the profile of the influencer.

Step 8:

Detail – Click on Detail to find more details about the influencer. 

Step 9:

Bookmark – Bookmark an influencer for later reference. Find all the bookmarked influencers using filters provided on the left hand side.

Step 10:

Export the details of all influencers from here.

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