Competitive Analysis

“The weakness of a competitor forms part of your own strength.” –Anonymous

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Competitive Analysis

“The weakness of a competitor forms part of your own strength.” –Anonymous

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What is Competitive Analysis?

Competitive analysis identifies your competitors and lets you evaluate their strategies and market position to discover strengths and flaws relative to your brand.

How is competitive analysis is helpful for businesses?

Competitive analysis allows you to benchmark your marketing performance against all your competitors and lets you discover deeper consumer insights that will help in formulating more focused future marketing strategies.

- Provides a better understanding of the competitor’s strategies in the past that worked for them, their present marketing strategy and also provides valuable insights into what their future plans might be.

- Helps brands in understanding the competitive advantages or disadvantages in relation to the competitors.

- Provides you deeper consumer insights that help your brand in forecasting the returns from future investments

- Lets you develop strategies to gain a competitive advantage in the future so that you stay ahead of your competitors, every time.

How Rank Me Online’s Competitive Analysis will benefit you?

- Find out what your competitors are up to: Know in detail what’s working for them and what’s not. Know about their strategies and learn from their mistakes. You can even compare and measure performance across all the channels.

Competetive Analysis

- Their weakness is your USP: Our platform allows you to track your competitors in a detailed manner, providing you with an opportunity to convert their weaknesses into your strong points.

- Track each one of them: Be it social media, blogs, news, articles, or forums, our tech tool allows you to track down each one of your competitor’s mention over the web. This will give you a detailed understanding of their brand image.

Competetive Analysis-Share of voice

- Compare hashtags and keywords: Not only multiple brands, but you can also compare hashtags and keywords that are associated with your respective campaigns. This allows you to monitor the performance of those hashtags or keywords and drive actionable insights from them. In this process, you also end up discovering new or upcoming competitors in your niche. Well, that's a bonus!!

- Benchmark your brand: Our AI driven tech tool allows you to benchmark performance by examining industry best and competitor’s performance metrics. Compare key indicators such as Net Brand Score (NBS), volume in terms of total mentions, influencer score, sentiments segregated as positive, negative or neutral, demographics and geographical indicators.

- Discover competitor’s influencers: With our competitive analysis feature, you get detail insights about the influencersthat are associated with your competitors. You can track them down and reach out to them with your proposal to team up on your side.

Competetive Analysis- Hashtag analysis and campaign analysis