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Track your Brand Perception Online

With Rank Me Online, you never miss any conversation about your brand, thereby giving you a clear picture of your online perception

Understand the Sentiment behind the Conversations

Understand how your customers feel about your brand and your products by understanding the sentiment behind a comment

Get Alerted about Key Conversations

Not only your brand, but your entire industry. Discover key conversations you need to be a part of.

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Starting  1,25,000 per month

“It Takes 20 Years To Build A Reputation And Five Minutes To Ruin It. If You Think About That, You'll Do Things Differently.” - Warren Buffett​

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Samsung social media monitoring demo project

Samsung Project Demo

Multi National Mobile Brand having gigantic digital footprint. The brand needs to closely monitor reviews and identify gaps in marketing and positioning.

Track your Brand Perception Online

Nowadays, people always search online about a brand before finally trying out their services and its extremely crucial for a brand that these potential customers only find the right things when they search for your brand online. Therefore, it is imperative for you to build and maintain a positive image of your brand.

Understand the Sentiment behind the Conversations

By understanding the sentiment behind the conversations around your brand, you get to understand a user’s underlying intention and perception about the key aspects of your products or services. Rank Me Online’s algorithm automatically provides you the sentiment associated with every conversation to help you understand the positive and negative aspects of your business. 

Get Alerted about Key Conversations

Rank me online’s platform allows you to discover relevant conversations pertaining to your brand’s niche, industry. These conversations can create a massive influx of customers or a crisis alert. Either it is crucial for you to monitor such conversations. 

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Learn from a famous Italian Restaurant Chain how to increase footfall by strategically using Social Media to your advantage. Start leveraging social listening today and start reaching more customers from Day 1. Don’t believe us? Start your own trial and see for yourself!

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