Instagram Monitoring

“With more than 70% of shopping enthusiasts using Instagram to explore brands, Instagram now rivals Pinterest as a platform for product discovery.” - Facebook Business Research

Rank Me Online provides the maximum Instagram monitoring and analytics capabilities. Keep on reading to know how you can take advantage of Rank Me Online to keep track of your Instagram mentions!

Hashtag tracking

Get all the mentions of a certain hashtag in 1 place. Track brand hashtags and campaign hashtags separately to measure the performance of a campaign.

Competitive analysis

Monitor competition's posts and business account and get analysis to understand how well your content is performing in the industry

Influencer discovery

Get detailed analysis of the audience posting content about your brand according to their demographics and influence.

Tracking mentions

Track all mentions where your @brandhandle has been mentioned

stories analysis

Monitor and analyze Instagram stories posted through your account

Instagram engagement

Monitor and reply to all your mentions right through the platform

Instagram crawling from Rank me online

Get notified about every comment, good or bad, made about your business on Instagram and other social media in real time.

Don’t stop at simply showcasing your products! Carry out contests and giveaways: just introduce a #hashtag and monitor how it unfolds in your Rank Me Online dashboard where you can see all Instagram analytics.

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