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Web Listening

Web Listening delivers insights that drive strategic decisions and performance, from consumer expression and behavior found in social media, search and other online data. Companies are listening to and analyzing the content on social media sites to help them build reputation as well as market products and services.

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Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis in simple terms refers to the process of determining the emotional intent behind a statement. It is basically reading between the lines and deriving the emotional tone behind a statement, that allows you to understand the opinions and attitudes conveyed within a mention.

Review Analysis

Feature Analysis is the Rank Me Online proprietary tool and our main features which analyzes the qualitative data to find attributes that are being mentioned in the conversation by the audience and the tone associated with those attributes.

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Social Media Engagement

Rank Me Online provides its clients a simple and easy to use platform to discover the conversations posted by their audience

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Custom Dashboard

Track your own mentions, get your own analytics, see it the way you want to see it. Custom Dashboard is a way for brands to emphasize on the data most relevant to them and different points in time. Easiest way to visualize data!

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