Social Media become a huge mode of communication, it can be personal or professional. People follow their favourite brands on Social media for all the latest updates and to get in touch with them. However, with a large number of audience on social media, it becomes difficult for companies to track what people are talking about them. To solve this problem and gets proper information regarding the social media presence, Rank Me Online plays an important role. Therefore, we designed an advanced A.I. Social Media Listening Tool to help companies.

Rank Me Online is a Social Media Listening Tool for all size of companies. It helps to maintain reports of what the customers are talking about the brand and its products. Which helps in terms of brand loyalty, converting bad leads into the good one by different marketing and sales strategies, & future crisis from the crisis. Some of the other features are Sentiment Analysis, Influencer Marketing and Competitive Analysis.

How does Social Media Listening Tool work?

We Designed an A.I., which helps the system to collect the data with the help of used keywords and hashtags. And, these data are extracted from News Articles, Customers Reviews, Blogs, different Social Media Platforms post and comments, etc. Companies use this information for their better understanding of the market. This analytical tool also helps companies with different kinds of reports such as Pdf, Excel, and even custom reports. Which help the marketers to understand it properly and takes decision according to that. Most important, companies are hiring Influencers for the promotion of their product. And Rank Me Online is a platform where a company gets the top influencers. This influencer’s data came as per the keywords the company is using.