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Advantages of Rank me online Web & Social Listening Tool

Get All Your Mentions

Our platform makes sure that you get all your social as well as non-social mentions

Mentions From All Locations

Your mentions could be in any location. Rank Me Online makes sure you don't miss any.

Prioritize Critical Conversations

Rank Me Online delivers all your mentions based on their influence and reach to help you prioritize your decision making.

Mentions in All languages

Your mentions could be in any language. Rank Me Online makes sure you don't miss any.

Track Main Keywords & Hashtags

Track any keywords or hashtag important for your brand and get noise-free mentions.

Get all your Mentions right in your hands

Track your mentions from desktop, tablet or mobile app.

Social Listening vs Social Media Monitoring

People often get confused with social media monitoring and social listening. To make it clear for you, though they are related, are often used interchangeably but are not the same!

As mentioned above, social media monitoring is when you monitor social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) as well as non-social media platforms (such as blogs, forums, review sites etc.) to identify and respond to mentions of your brand, niche or competitors.

On the other hand, social listening is collecting as well as analyzing data from those social, non-social mentions and customer conversations on a broader sense and driving insights out of them so that you can take the necessary action and better decisions for the brand and the customers at large.

Taking necessary action is  what differentiates social listening from social media monitoring.  Taking action can be as simple as replying to a customer or as impactful as changing the overall brand/product positioning.

Social media monitoring is kind of  looking back to what has already happened, whereas social listening has more futuristic approach. With collecting and analyzing data generated from the mentions you can draw insights that can help framing your next marketing strategy, which can be a game changer for your brand!

Social Media and Social Listening

Social media has become an influential medium of communication, be it personal or professional. People follow their favourite brands on social media for all the latest updates and to get in touch with them. However, with a large number of audience on social media, it becomes difficult for companies to track what people are talking about them. To solve this problem and get proper information regarding the social media presence, Rank Me Online plays an important role. 

Therefore, we designed an advanced A.I-powered social listening tool to help businesses make the most out of social media.

Rank Me Online is a social listening tool for businesses of all sizes. It helps to maintain reports of what the customers are talking about the brand and its products. Which helps in terms of brand loyalty, online perception of customers and actionable insights that can help you in framing your next marketing strategy .

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How Does Our Social Listening Tool Works?

We Designed an A.I., which helps the system to collect the data with the help of used keywords and hashtags. 

These data is then extracted from different social media platform’s post, comments, etc. Brands use this information for their better understanding of the market. This analytical tool also helps companies with different kinds of reports such as PDF, Excel, and even custom reports, which help the marketers to understand it properly and takes decision accordingly. 

Most importantly, nowadays brands are teaming up with influencers for the promotion of their products/services. And to let you know, our AI-powered influencer discovery tool finds you the most relevant influencers from Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, based on your brand/niche.

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